Toronto Cricket Academy embarking on another tour

July 25, 2005

The Toronto Cricket Academy beat an adult team, the All Stars C.C., in a Toronto and District League match. The youngsters scored at a run rate of 5.93 per over, against a team of men. Three of the TCA junior cricketers contributed with 40 plus individual scores, in a total of 295 all out. A real team effort.

The TCA fielded a team with the youngest cricketer aged a mere 10 years. The team captain was the eldest at 17 years. Their fielding was sharp, and all the players knew how to throw on the full to the wicket keeper. The body language of the All Stars C.C. showed on the field, and at the crease, that they knew they were on a hiding to nothing. They were absolutely correct, for they managed a total of only 140 all out.

This match in one of the last games the TCA will play before making another tour, this time to England. (Last year the TCA toured in Trinidad). The team will be based at Manchester University. Arrangements have been made for the youngsters to have access to a computer in order that they can file regular reports to Canada Cricket Online.

The TCA coach, Brian Hale, has every reason to be proud of this crop of students. There is not much doubt that a number of them will make the Canadian national team in the near future, following in the footsteps of other TCA graduates. This servant of Canadian cricketers, and Canadian cricket, should be recognized by the national association. What we hear is the sound of silence. Now that is ‘just not cricket’! What we know is that this crop of TCA students will do their coach proud by doing their best on and off the field of play, and working to file reports regularly. We wish them 'bon voyage', and keep playing with a straight bat, on and off the field. (Jon Harris).