Player Registration Opens for Cricket Canada’s Global T20 Draft

Player registration for the inaugural Cricket Canada Global T20 draft is now open according to a May 9, 2018 post on the official Cricket Canada website. The Global T20 is to take place between June 28, 2018 and July 16, 2018 in the Toronto area.

Players are required to register “as soon as possible” according to the Player Registration for Global T20 item on the Cricket Canada website. The registration form indicates registration is required by May 22, 2018. Those interested in applying to register for the draft are able to obtain more information via a specific “draftregistration” e-mail address.

The draft registration page appears to be the only publicly accessible part of what will become the tournament website ( The home page currently indicates “website coming soon” but the wheels are in motion for player registration in one corner of what will progress to a broader website in the near future.

Player registration for Global T20 – Cricket Canada

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