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Nothing in this world is new – in cricket as in other things. The way in which a cricket stroke is played or a ball is bowled is much the same now as it was in the days of Don Bradman or Garfield Sobers. Consequently there has been
little change in eighty years in how cricket coaches say an off-drive should be executed or a leg-spinner bowled.

The real revolution in cricket coaching has occurred in the areas that explain why a skill should be performed in the time-accepted way, and more about improving a player’s decision making ability – how to anticipate when to play a
certain stroke or bowl a particular type of delivery. Also, as much as the playing the game has remained the same, new formats of the game have been introduced, strategy and mental preparation have become key components of today’s cricket.

Nowhere, however, has coaching made greater strides than in its greater understanding of the learning processes and, as a result, the simplification of instruction. In recent years, many cricket coaching sites have popped up on the internet.
Links will be provided to those sites, however, the main objective is to provide information that might not be readily found on those sites.

Perspectives on Coaching

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