Alberta dispute continues with petition on

The Albertas Cricket Council has started a petition on asking that Cricket Canada recognise them as the governing body of cricket in Alberta. At the time of writing over 160 have signed it.
Petition on

Text of the petition, provided here without comment..

Cricket Canada “CC” is the governing body, recognized as the National Sports Organization “NSO” for the sport of Cricket in Canada. Over the past few years, although the sport has seen a steady growth in numbers, still from a holistic perspective things have been at a constant state of decline. One of the biggest reasons for that is the involvement of CC’s executives in aggressive politics and letting that supersede the development of the sport and its players.

It is the NSO’s responsibility to appoint a Provincial Sports Organization “PSO” in each province to foster and develop the sport within that region. In Alberta, for many years this responsibility was held by the Alberta Cricket Association “ACA”. But over the past 4 years the ACA has been corrupted by many issues, at least some of which have sprouted from its President being constantly at the center of controversies, and the state of financial ruin the association has ended up in.

For these and other reasons, 3 of the 4 prominent cricketing districts of Alberta joined together to form a new, clean and transparent association, the Alberta Cricket Council “ACC”. The ACC has been the majority stakeholder for the sport in the province for the past 2 seasons, and has done everything it could to develop the sport not just for the usual adult participants but also for the youth and women involved in the sport. The ACC has been transparent in all its efforts and has created an environment of inclusiveness.

The dilemma we face today is that CC refuses to acknowledge the ACC’s efforts and continuously goes out of their way, even to the extent of bending its own rules and bylaws, to defend the ACA and its executives.

We, the hundreds of cricketers in Alberta are honestly sick of being ignored and used only for the political and financial benefit of a few. We demand that CC and its executives adopt an open and transparent process in reviewing the PSO status for the Province of Alberta.

We also urge organizations such as the Sports Dispute Resolution Committee of Canada “SDRCC”, Sport Canada, Alberta Sports Connections, Sport Alberta and individual such as the Ms. Leela Aheer (Provincial Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women, Alberta) & Ms. Kirsty Duncan (Federal Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities, Canada) to take notice of this situation.

If nothing is done soon, hundreds of kids who want to join or stay involved in the Cricket would walk away from it disheartened and demoralized.

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