PEI season wraps up

Despite the restrictions of COVID-19, PEI had a very successful season, wrapping up last week. Here’s their report on Facebook

“PEI Cricket League 2020 came to an end. It was by far one of the best tournaments that PEI Cricket Association had arranged in their history. Six clubs had participated and after nail biting finish ACC 0, PEI Tigers, ACC 3 and Warriors sealed the top four places to compete in the semifinal. It was until the last game PEI Strikers fought and if they had won against Tigers, they could have reached to the semifinal. PEI Tuskers had wonderful tournament but few close games went against their luck and couldn’t reach to semifinal. After entertaining semifinals, it was ACC 0 and PEI Tigers who sealed the spot for Final. It was anyone’s’ game but ACC 0 had the last smile as they beat Tigers by 24 runs. Congratulations to Captain Parth Patel and his team.

Player of the Tournament: Fahad Hussain – 1062 Runs and 24 wickets from 25 matches. He has record of six consecutive sixes from one over. An outstanding performer for PEI League. Fahad led the PEI Tigers from front and his outstanding leadership almost won the championship for Tigers.
Man of The Final: Priyam Soni – 847 runs and 36 wickets from 25 matches, came very close to winning the man of the tournament. But was man of the Final for his outstanding performance 67 runs and 3 wickets took away the game from Tigers. PEI Cricket is lucky to have Priyam Soni and Fahad Hussain.
Batsman of the Tournament: None other than Fahad Hussain for his amazing batting throughout the tournament.
Bowler of the Tournament: Bilal Jumani had an amazing tournament and finished with 47 wickets. He led bowling side for PEI Tigers from front and was one of the key players for the success of PEI Tigers.
Fielder of the Tournament: Arth Darji and Vishwajit Monpara both had outstanding summer this year. Arth Darji proved to be one of the best Keepers and played really well in the maritimes. For Vishwajit Monpara it’s a second time in row. We congratulate them both.
Congratulations to all for the amazing summer league.
AGM Notes
PEI Cricket board has done outstanding jobs in the pandemic situations by finishing the league. Lot of hard work from the board and continuous support from Stratford town hall made it happen. We like to thank Tazul Riad (President), Parth Patel (Vice President) Kense Phillip (treasurer), Ekramur Radi (Director), Arun Kumar (Director) and Manpreet Tiwana (Secretary) for their valuable time. We want to thank Rachel from town hall for their support.
PEI cricket board is grateful to the all the six clubs’ captains for their support. Here is the Key success and achievements by the Cricket board for 2020
• Successfully arranged the PEI Cricket League 2020 and finished on time where each club played 25 games
• Expended the clubs from four clubs to six clubs
• Significant amount of increase in members
• Successfully arranged Maritimes cups which was the Only Cricket Tournament hosted in Canada in 2020 where PEI hosted Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. PEI won against New Brunswick first time in Maritimes History
• Working on second field and hopeful of getting it by 2021 season
• Corporation went from CO OP to Incorporated.
• Arranged prize money for Player of the Tournament, Best Batsman, Bowler and Fielder and Man of the Final.
On AGM, we have declared the position available for President (for President positions you need to be in board for at least one term). And Tazul Riad got elected as a president until 2024. We have asked for the position for vice president and Treasurer. Parth Patel got elected again as vice President and Kense Phillip got elected as Treasurer again until 2024. For Directed Position Sunny Chauhan got elected and we congratulate and welcome him
All in all, we have wonderful 2020 league and looking forward for Indoor tape tennis league and 2021 league.
PEI Cricket Association Board Members until 2024:
President – Tazul Riad ,902 314 7644
Vice President – Parth Patel
Treasurer – Kense Philip
Director – Ekramur Radi
Director – Arun Kuma
Director – Sunny Chauhan
Please note, 2021 league registration has started today and first six clubs will have automatic spot.
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