TDCA clamp down on unsanctioned cricket

The TDCa choose the unusual venue of Facebook to intensify the battle for the administration of cricke in Ontario (see OCA announcement below). They have posted as follows:_
“Please be advised there is increasing number of incidents of un-approved cricket being introduced in Ontario. Cricket Council of Ontario (CCO) is the only official member of the Cricket Canada (CC) wishes to clarify its role and obligation to its members, players and general public.
The organisational and grass root development responsibility in Ontario belongs to CCO who is committed to work in a cooperative and as integral member of Cricket Canada to implement the core components of the strategic plan that was approved at the recently held AGM of Cricket Canada for all its members and the entire organisation.
Any activities that are not cohesive and in line with the strategy as outlined in the plan are bound to create confusion and cause overall incidents of missed opportunities, un-acceptable conflict and cause obstacles in the progress of the game.

As a result of the concern expressed by the membership it has become necessary that following rules are too observed and followed with immediate.
Any player that participates or promotes un-official cricket activities will be subject to disciplinary hearing and ban from participation in CC/CCO approved cricket.
All inter club/team fixtures within a league shall receive league sanction.
All inter league fixtures within teams of the approved leagues and that of their clubs teams from 2 or more leagues are subject to CCO sanction
CCO will only participate in inter province fixtures that are sanctioned by CC.
All matches involving international teams that are played within Ontario must have received CC sanction.
All matches/fixtures against non-member clubs/leagues of CCO require CC sanction
Please be advised that the Mayor’s Cup and the Sorkkam Cup were CCO and Cricket Canada approved cricket.
Players/team and clubs are required to verify at their own to seek the approval from their association before committing to play in any fixture that is outside of own association. Failure to observe these regulations will be dealt with under disciplinary procedures of the CCO and may result in fine, suspension or expulsion from the membership.

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