The man behind the stories, Joseph ( Joey ) Galloway

Joe Galloway

Brad Edwards writes for us in tribute to a great of Montreal cricket

Born on the 12th of September 1948, in a village called Kiltearn, located in the beautiful country of Guyana. Joseph Galloway discovered his love for cricket at a very young age. But like any other star, there’s always a story behind their success. Growing up on a rice farm, Mr.Galloway had a lot of responsibilities on his hands. Before any cricket could have been played, he’d have to help his parents work the farm and make sure school work and home chores were done. With strict parents that wanted the best for their kids, education always came first. He started playing cricket at a young age.
Mr.Galloway’s father was a big influence on him and his older brothers. Born into cricket, his father was also a star cricketer in his village, which sparked the fire and passion he has in his heart for the game. His love for cricket grew stronger when he started playing school cricket and got called upon to represent his village. Given that he was younger than the rest of his teammates, Mr.Galloway had a lot to prove, and that’s exactly what he did. Playing alongside his older brothers, the competition was fierce, every practice and game , he had to bring his best to the table, if he wanted to make the squad. In his early 20s, in 1970 to be exact, Mr.Galloway joined the Guyana Police Force where he served for his country and also played for the Force, which is one of the highest levels of cricket growing up in the islands. But before the Force, still in high school, cricket was getting in the way of his education so his father took him out of public schooling and placed him into private education, where he stopped playing cricket for 5 years. But for the love of cricket, after finishing up his high school, he went on to join the Force, where he made a name for himself. With over six thousand players competing for 40 spots, 3 teams, making any of the Force teams, you had to be on top of your game. And that’s exactly what he did, every opportunity he had, he made it count, not looking at his competitors but coming to each practice and each game with a positive mindset, focused and disciplined. Throughout his younger days playing cricket, Mr.Galloway always played against, and with people much older than him, but that never stopped him from rising to the occasion and outshining the rest.
In 1983, Mr.Galloway migrated to Canada, where cricket was still young and his love for the game was still running in his blood. He went on to join a team named Cavaliers where he played for a couple of years then moved on to play for Air Canada, a team mixed with players from different backgrounds, under one roof. A few years after, he played for a team named M.C.S.O. After a long run with M.C.S.O, he went on to play for Quebec, Centennial, and Verdun Sports Club. Throughout his years playing with all of those teams, each team won a championship and as much as cricket isn’t a one-man’s game, his contribution to those teams didn’t go unnoticeable, giving him a legendary status to be proud of. At the age of 72, Mr.Galloway is still going strong, still playing like the champion he is with no plans on giving up. In 2020, Mr.Galloway suited up and played for Verdun Sports Club, a team that hasn’t been in the spotlight for more than 25 years, a team that everyone gave up on but with Mr.Galloway’s spectacular performance throughout the season, that team went on to win the 2020 Quebec A Division Championship, a Championship long overdue.

There’s no such thing as a batsman, a bowler, or a keeper, if you considered yourself to be a Cricketer then you have to be an allrounder. – Joseph Galloway


My dad is one of the best batsmen to ever play the game. Anytime he’d go in to bat, he will never get bowled out, EVER. Teams will switch bowlers but he still won’t get out, don’t matter who the bowler is or which team. My dad will stay in the wicket all day if he has to. As a bowler, there’s no other like him. I recall watching one of his games at a very young age where he had bowled batsmen stump down and the batsmen stood there, wondering where did the ball pass to hit my stumps. They could have given my dad the new or the old ball and he will still work his magic, that how great he is. 2020, wow! All I can say is just wow! who thought at his age he will be performing that well? he just keeps and getting better each year. The drive he still has in him, to come out and play so competitive, there’s so much the younger generation can learn from him. – Son


Mr.Galloway, What can I say? I idolize the man as a Cricketer. I’ve heard many stories of the legend and since then I’ve been excited to meet him in person. Summer 2019, Cricket season had just started, I remember coming to this game with a positive mindset, this was my day to shine but little did I knew Mr.Galloway was on the opposite team. That day was mines, I was performing well, focus on the game, and well in my groove, until the man himself started bowling to me. An over had bowled and I couldn’t have done anything with the balls coming to me. Onto his second over, it’s me and him, back at it and I still couldn’t have done anything with the ball. At that point, I was dancing in the wicket. Yes! You heard me right, I was dancing. Mind I remind you, I was on top of my game that day and Mr.Galloway took that from me. But with honor and respect, I can truly say; Mr.Galloway made me want to be a better batsman and a Cricketer. (Fun Fact) ; he made me bat my own feet that day. Cricket season 2020, I had the privilege to play on the same team with Mr.Galloway and since my years of playing Cricket in Quebec. I’ve never seen anyone played the game like he does, with passion, love, and dedication. He’s a true star to look at. Thank you Mr.Galloway for inspiring me to better. – Brad Edwards The key is to perform, any chance you get to perform !! whether you’re the opening batsman or the last, bowling the new ball or the old, just perform.

Joseph Galloway A Cricket Biography Based On Joseph ( Joey ) Galloway
Brad Edwards

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