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CCA and duty of care (Jon Harris) It must have been very disappointing to the new administration that the well publicized "Town Hall Meeting" was virtually ignored by the Toronto cricket community, on a weekend when no cricket was played. [more].

New administration's opener bowled first ball (Jon Harris)
At the time of WC 2003, I copied the following from a report on the BBC  web page for Canada:-  "It is estimated that there are 12,000 players within the Canadian Cricket Association, playing in 400 teams around 145  grounds."  The editorial comment followed, "Not bad for a country with a  population of 30 million - just over half of England.".  This may have been tongue in cheek, however, I suspect that it was not.  We should remember the aphorism that "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

Robbing Peter to pay Paul - as the song goes 'When will they ever learn'. (Jon Harris)

He who Watches the Watchers
[Colin Mohammed]
Why are our Juniors doing so badly? Too often we blame the players and ignore the management problems, hidden behind a wall of fear and silence.

The Detractors' Perspective of a sullied day watching Canada win the match at the Maple Leaf Cricket Club [Jon Harris]
...The letter from a visitor from England raised issues regarding the organisation and management for the Windies 'A' match at King City. By sheer coincidence I had met our visitors at the Brockton Point ground in Vancouver...

The Event at King City [Colin Mohammed]
...Elvin Pompey was walking around with a basket collecting cash donations, here are the facts: When questioned as to where the money was going to be used, he replied. 'where do you think?' and upon further questioning, he replied in a rather abusive manner...

The pen is mightier than the sword - but I only have a keyboard
[Jon Harris]
...The Canadian Cricket Association has foolishly decided to try to circumvent the due process of continuity. That process gave a voice to cricketers through the local elections of various constituent Associations and Leagues across Canada. That voice, for the coming year, has been arbitrarily taken away...

English perspective on the match at King City [Roy Adams/Opinion]
...Our general view of proceedings was that no effort was made to treat this game as anything but an ordinary club match, despite the obvious opportunity to make a favourable impression on the wider public and to earn some money...

The new ICC trophy and what it means for Canada
[Mike McLean]
...The recent ICC Trophy, whilst a huge success logistically and emotionally (assuming you are a Canadian supporter) would be difficult to repeat in many countries and impossible for many regions hence the need for decentralization from a single venue and the introduction of a regional league concept...

A Reflection on Selection [Colin Mohammed]
See Also:
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Now that we have your attention [Jon Harris]
I made a suggestion to one of the people I contacted on the trip recently completed to western Canada. Recently he has contacted me and commented on my suggestion. What had caught my ear about 'Princeton', during our initial contact, was that he is only two years away from coaching junior cricketers up to the level of trials for first class cricket in England. (Of course I am aware that “first class cricket in England” may be considered by some to be an oxymoron.).

Positive News - Without the Spin [Jon Harris]
Your correspondent received the following statement from Howard Petrook of the Toronto Cricket Club:

"The issue (of an indebtidness) is between the ICC and the TCSCC and not between the CCA and the TCSCC. The CCA does not owe the TCSCC any money. There was some confusion on outstanding invoices related to the ICC Trophy 2001 which is being attended to by the ICC and the TCSCC. The West Indies A will definitely play Canada at the TCSCC in August 2002."

I have received a similar message regarding the Ajax Cricket Club that they will be hosting the West Indies "A", and that assistance will given to the club in preparing the wicket.

O what a tangled web we weave...
[Jon Harris]
...The story is that the tour to Canada by the West Indies "A" team is in jeopardy. The management of the Toronto Cricket Club are adamant that their private facilities will not be made available without the year old debt being satisfied...

Schisms in Canadian cricket reflect the reality of Canada [Jon Harris]
...You, the cricketers have to make a choice. As the song goes, you can ‘just keep dancing’ or you can be proactive. It’s your game. Take it back, if that is what you want...

Changing the Face of Canadian Cricket - Figuratively and Literally and Hypothetically
by Jon Harris
We, the Canadian cricket community, are now on the brink of another dramatic period of change. Professor David Cooper, (U of T), has reflected that there will be a power shift, whose impetus will be from the new Canadians who come from the 'sub-continent'. There is a view that this will occur as a consequence of the disaffection of the critical mass of numbers of new Canadians, whose origins are in the 'the sub-continent'.

Former first class cricketers ideas for Canadian cricket
by Tahir Khan
I would like to suggest that we need to develop similar Cricket Academies within the Toronto & District League, and in every province of Canada.

In Toronto I see that only the Toronto Cricket Club has practice facilities which are supervised by a coach. We need more facilities and coaches in Toronto, because the Toronto & District League provides 80 to 90 percent of the players to the Canada squad.

Guyana Independence Celebration
by Jon Harris
"Neither sleet nor snow shall stay him from his appointed rounds" is not usually attributed to cricketers. In fact, often the first rain drop is enough to make them scurry for shelter. Such was not the case at the match played as part of the 36th Guyana Independence Celebration.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts and the truth can set you free
by Jon Harris
I approach Geoff Edwards and in front of several others suggest to him that “We should talk. Can you and I go for a walk around the field?” ... GE walks away and talks to the group of players and spectators sitting on the open bleachers.   A few minutes later I am approached and told that GE has instructed that no one should talk with me.

Junior cricketers practice for the international cricket tournaments in Florida and Texas, 2002
by Jon Harris
The clouds scurried, there was a threat of rain, and the temperature a balmy 12 degrees celsius for the first outdoor cricket practice of the 2002 season in Sunnybrook Park, Toronto. One club had enough cricketers to play a practice match, complete with a scorer and umpires.

Sunday Morning Spin
by Jon Harris
What to make of three hours, on a Sunday morning, spent watching Canadian kids 'play at cricket' in a private indoor practice facility? Who would dare invest the capital, time and energy, but a man with a love and passion for the game?


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Previous Articles

Kala Pani - Black Water
by Colin Mohammed
It is no longer a secret that the 2nd highest source of new Canadians is the South Asian Diaspora. In order to fully understand and develop a viable plan to create a powerful cricketing nation we need to begin at the roots and force the issue.

The Canadians are Coming
by Colin Mohammed
Team Canada has embarked upon an ambitious plan to prepare for the 2003 World Cup. Recently returned from a rained out trip to Argentina, they are enroute to Namibia for the Emerging Nations tournament. Certainly they will face tough competition from Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Kenya. This will provide a much needed training and antivenom to the after effects of the World Cup.

Violin Lessons
by D'Waterboy
The (T&DCA) President's proclamation was that "He would not rest until all 11 of the Canadian team is from Toronto." To date perhaps 8 out of that team are playing in the Toronto and District Premier Division...

The Art of War
by D'Waterboy
After the adrenaline of qualifying for the 2003 World Cup, what now?

Canada at the World Cup in South Africa
by Jon Harris
I am very sympathetic to the views expressed by Kirby St. Michaels.
Obviously what is not known is that, at present, the Canadian Cricket Association does not have the financial resources to send a team to South Africa. Frankly, they have no prospect, plan, or organisational capacity to raise any funds.

Import Players: Our Saviors ... or Our Executioners?
by Kirby St. Michaels
That is the question. Are they good for Canadian cricket, or are they preventing the development of real Canadian cricketers?

Laser Surgery
by D'Waterboy
Cricket has never had an easy introduction to the former countries of the British Commonwealth. The West Indies had their racial problems in gaining acceptance as a cricketing power, Australia faced incessant ribbing about being "lower class" so did India and Pakistan... My point is; there was always a struggle...

Note: The views expressed in these pages, unless otherwise stated, are the views of those who author the pages, and are not necessarily the views of