Stories from September 2005 and earlier

October 2005 onwards

September 29: Canada and the WCL (Eddie Norfolk)

September 21: >MCC v Canada

September 20: MCC beat Canada A

September 19: Ontario beat MCC in tour opener

September 18: From Ashes to maples: MCC tour to Canada (MCC)<

September 14: Second annual Damian Mills Memorial match (Manitoba Juniors)

September 9: Three new faces in Ontario team to face MCC (OCA)

September 3: Canada v Caymans
[Report | Scorecard]

September 1: Colle lends support (Ron Fanfair, Share)

September 1: Canadian cricket fails again (Ron Fanfair, Share)

August 28: Don't miss that play! A guide to cricket (University of Victoria)

25 August: Bermuda beat Canada<
[Report | Scorecard]

August 26: Vikal - a tribute (Sanjay Talreja)

August 19: Davison unavailable for ICC World Cup (Ron Fanfair, Share)

August 19: Canadians fail to qualify (Ron Fanfair, Share)

August 14: moreToronto Cricket Academy - successful tour

August 11: U.S. out, Cayman Islands in (Ron Fanfair, Share)

August 9: Sad news from the TCA tour
With great sadness we report the tragic death of Vikal Kumar in England. Vikal (TCSCC premier player for many years) and his son Nitesh (on tour with the Toronto Cricket Academy) were involved in a car accident. Vikal was killed instantly and Nitesh (aged 11) was air lifted to hospital in critical condition.

August 9: Grass roots cricket in Canada - a challenge for the CCA (opinion from Jon Harris)

August 7: Toronto Cricket Academy - tour report (Brian Hale)

July 31: U.S. may not qualify for ICC (Ron Fanfair, Share)

July 25: Toronto Cricket Academy embarking on another tour (Jon Harris)

July 23: Davison unlikely to participate (Ron Fanfair, Share)

July 22: Cricket - alive and well in Quebec (Jon Harris

July 15: >Bhatti leads Ontario Seniors (OCA)

July 15: CCA seeks top talent (Ron Fanfair, Share)

July 15: Canada returns to the World Cup (Ron Fanfair, Share)

July 11: TCC gets stamp of approval (Ron Fanfair, Share)

June 30: A new era for the second tier (CricInfo)

June 19: Schools cricket at Ajax (Jon Harris)

May 28: Failure not an option (Ron Fanfair, Share)

May 25: Selectors have challenging task (Dave Liverman)

May 24: Dhaniram cops Man-of-Festival award (OCA)

May 23: Series tied after last wicket fireworks (OCA)

May 22: Dhillon's 65 anchors easy CCA win (Dave Liverman/ OCA)

May 20: Cricket in Saskatchewan (Phani Adapa)

May 20: Another setback for Canada (Ron Fanfair, Share)

May 15: King City green-top test for Canada's elites (OCA)

May 14: Cummins here for series (Ron Fanfair, Share)

May 13: On trial - player profiles (Jon Harris)

May 10: The trials for a trip to Ireland (Jon Harris with files from ET)

May 7: Calgary's new coaches (Jon Harris with files from M.A.)

May 7: Calgary premier league preview (CDCL)

May 6: Canada's bid a challenge (Ron Fanfair, Share)

April 29: Bagai out of series (Ron Fanfair, Share)

April 28: ICC offers disputes resolution process to USACA (ICC)

April 25: Robin Singh to visit OCA (OCA/ Colin Mohammed)

April 23: CCA's tangled web (Dave Liverman)

April 13: BCMCL Preview (BCMCL)

April 9: Canada to host youth tourney (Ron Fanfair, Share)

April 6: (OCA)

April 5: The Story of 100 Years of Cricket in Manitoba (William Weighton, Manitoba Historical Society)

March 25: (Ron Fanfair, Share) visit... [>more]

March 23: Out with the old (Toronto Star)

March 20: Western under-23 tournament planned (

March 19: Project USA terminated with immediate effect (CricInfo)

March 19: CCA gets technical help (Ron Fanfair, Share)

March 16: Toronto's Regent Park Youth Set to Conquer Another Sport (Iftekhar Chowdhury)

March 11: Female cricketer lauded (Ron Fanfair, Share)

March 11: Brijcoomar returns hopeful (Ron Fanfair, Share)

March 10: Five to qualify for World Cup at ICC trophy (ICC)

February 24: Uganda cricketer gets 2nd chance (Ron Fanfair, Share)

February 27: Canadian initiatives recognised by ICC (ICC)

February 27: New Ontario Cricket Asssociation Constitution explained (Errol Townshend, OCA President)

February 24: 20/20 and Canada's future (Jon Harris)

February 24: Canadian ump goes international (Ron Fanfair, Share)

February 24: CCA monitoring Project USA suspension (Ron Fanfair, Share)

February 12: Canada and the ICC anti-drugs policy - a comment (Jon Harris)

February 12: Derek Perera of the Ontario Cricket Academy interviewed (Colin Mohammed)

February 12: Dassanayake to play for Canada (Ron Fanfair, Share)

February 12: Townsend back as OCA head (Ron Fanfair, Share)

February 6: Richard Done - ICC high performance manager - answers our questions

February 4: Canada to host ICC games (Ron Fanfair, Share)

February 1: An editorial comment - Child protection in cricket

January 31: USA/ICC not cooperating in board talks (Ron Fanfair, Share)

January 23: Changes at Victoria and District CA (Jon Harris with files from John Wenman)

January 22: Canada to host ICC? (Ron Fanfair, Share)

January 22: TDCA names a new board (Ron Fanfair, Share)

January 18: Cricket in the Arctic

January 13: The first tour - an England team in Canada and the USA, 1859(Jon Harris/ Dave Liverman)

January 7: Great hope for new ICC manager (Ron Fanfair, Share)

January 3: Earliest record of cricket in Canada?

January 3: Chappell - cricket has become obsessed with coaching


December 16: Canada to play with top teams (Ron Fanfair, Share)

December 13: A plea for grass wickets (Brockton Point CC) T

December 12: Cricket and the Royal Engineers (

December 10: Cricket in Gettysburg - American cricketer sponsors historical re-inactment (USACA)

December 4: Toronto Cricket Academy - another succesful tour in prospect (Jon Harris)

December 2: Old new again on CCA board (Ron Fanfair, Share)

December 2: The CCA and coaching (Colin Mohammed)

November 30: CCA AGM - moving forward positively? (Jon Harris)

November 26: Scots take Canada (Ron Fanfair, Share)

November 22: Reflections on the Intercontinental Cup (Dave Liverman)

November 18: Toronto Cricket Academy - success at all levels (Jon Harris)

November 18: Maxwell Toronto senior player of the year, Chatterpaul to UAE (Ron Fanfair, Share)

November 14: Billcliff: Davison's absence gives others a chance to shine (ICC media release)

November 12: Womens' cricket at Ryerson

October 27: Youth cricket- can we learn from the USA? (

October 17: Cricket - high schools, tapeball and in the park (

October 10: Thuraisingam to represent Canada (Ron Fanfair, Share)

October 10: Victoria Park's 50th birthday (Ron Fanfair, Share)

October 6: Centurions' miracles in last match (Ron Fanfair, Share)

October 3: Damian Mills Memorial Match a huge success (Winnipeg Juniors Cricket Club)

October 1: CCA announce squad for InterContinental Cup finals

September 30: Sunnybrook revisited - again (Jon Harris)

September 23: Canada to face UAE in InterContinental Cup finals (Ron Fanfair, Share)

September 23: Nerve racking Southern Ontario Cricket Association championship match (Raghu Peddada, Waterloo Sunrise CC)

September 22: Cricket - it's not your Great-grandfather's game anymore (Jason Caley, Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)

September 19 2004: 28th annual Shaw Festival - Stratford match

September 13 2004: Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun (Jon Harris)

September 13 2004: Meraloma win thrilling BCMCL Playoff Final (

September 9 2004: MCC in Canada 1959 (The Cricketer)

September 8 2004: Damian Mills Memorial Match (Ray Ramrattan)

30 August 2004: Lequay praises TCA squad (WICB)

August 30 2004: Davison's demanding travel schedule

30 August 2004: A tribute to an outstanding administrator (Sunrise CC)

23 August 2004: Toronto cricketers come to learn

21 August 2004: Toronto Cricket Academy at Sunnybrook (Jon Harris)

August 16 2004: Sunnybrook: Credit where credit is due (Dave Liverman)

August 15 2004: Canada draw with Bermuda - [Scorecard - Day 1 report]

August 11 2004: Canada holds the edge in Sunnybrook clash (Dave Liverman)

August 7 2004: Canadian Mangat hits superb hundred (WICB)

August 6 2004: Sunnybrook- an alternative view (Dave Liverman)

August 4 2004: Sunnybrook- first-class cricket at a second class venue? (Dave Liverman and Jon Harris)

29/7/04: Alberta cricket- moving forward (Jon Harris)

27/7/04: League cricket- Sunday afternoon knockabout or National development prgramme? (opinion from Colim Mohammed)

27/7/04: Cricket in Gimli, Manitoba (MCA).

3.7.04: Argentines in Toronto (Jon Harris)

28.6.04: History of the Victoria and District Cricket Association(VDCA)

25.6.04: Edmonton and Calgary split inter-city games Ravin Moorthy/ Alberta Cricket Association

22.6.04: Cooking the books (Jon Harris)

5.6.04: D Day and cricket - there is a connection (Jon Harris)

1.6.04: Grace, Laker and now Davison ranks with best (Bronwyn Hurrell, The Advertiser, Adelaide)

1.6.04: Fortune favours the brave (Opinon from Colin Mohammed)

27.5.04: Alberta Stands Alone Atop U-25 Mountain

21.5.04: CCA and duty of care (Jon Harris)

19.5.04: CCA faces motion of no-confidence (Jon Harris)

25.4.04: Southern Ontario Cricket Association - Waterloo and Sunrise Merge

10/4/04: Joe Harris steps down for the final time (Wisden Cricinfo)

27.3.04: Interview with Colin Mohammed, participant in Woolmer coaching seminar.

12.3.04: Australians beat Cowichan - 1932 (Jon Harris).

5.3.04: Bradman in Medicine Hat (Jon Harris).

28.2.04: Tournament at York University smash hit (Jon Harris)

27.2.2004: 6 Nations tournament to get underway on Sunday (ICC Media Release)

25.2.2004: Cricket in Gimli, Manitoba (Jon Harris)

24.2.2004: The earliest known photographs of cricket in British Columbia

11.2.2004: Women's cricket in Canada (Jon Harris) 16.10.2003:

First Annual ACC Tape Ball Tournament - report (Usman Malik)

6.10.2003: It happened One Day at King City (Colin Mohammed)

Martin Vierra sets the record straight (Jon Harris)

11-08-2003: Ontario retain Athelston Trophy after rain intervenes (Errol Townsend)

2.8.2003: Cricket and the Loss of an Empire - John W. Elliot

21.07.2003: Western Canadian U-18 Cricket Tournament


Class act by young Canucks - Norman Da Costa in the Star

Western Canadian U-18 Cricket Tournament


ICC writes warning letter to CCA President


Western Canadian U-25 Tournament - BC report |
Manitoba report |
Alberta perspective |

Cricket in the road...
[Colin Mohammed]

Why play cricket?
[Martin Toms and Scott Fleming]


Chris Chappell Interview - Junior Coordinator TDCA
[Colin Mohammed]


What the dickens is happening with Canadian cricket?
[Jon Harris]

Generous offer to young Canadians from Australia
[letter to]

An apology to Ron Fanfare, Editor, SHARE
[Jon Harris]

The "home made cricket bat" in a Calgary museum
[Jon Harris]


Canada not lost for words in S.A.
[Ron Fanfair]

CCA money woes
[Ron Fanfair]

Canadian High Commission reply letter
[Canadian High Commission]

Jon Harris writes to the Canadian High Commission,
Pretoria, South Africa [Jon Harris]

When will they ever learn - a commentary[Jon Harris]

Jon Harris responds to Dr. Edwards [Jon Harris]

CCA President rants about fund raising dinner [Jon Harris and Colin Mohammed]

Women's cricket in Canada [Jon Harris]

CCA Fundraising Dinner Reminder     [Howard Petrook]


By-laws of the Canadian Cricket Association [Constitution/PDF]

An open letter to the Canadian Cricket Association [Jon Harris]

A very boring recounting of another footnote in Canadian cricket history [Jon Harris]

The Old Man and the C
[Opinion/Colin Mohammed]

Bank of Canada holdings of cricket club money
[Jon Harris]

Richmond defeats Cowichan in Tomalin Cup [Scorecard]

Junior Cricket Is Alive and Well - in Manitoba [Jon Harris/John Lovelace]

Re: Canadian Cricket Umpires Association [Dr. Geoff Edwards]

Sir Vivian Richards to grace Canadian cricket fundraiser as the team faces alarming financial problems [Mike McLean]

CCA Fundraising Dinner with Sir Vivian Richards [News]

Re: Canadian Cricket Journalism
[Errol Townshend]

A positive story about a cricket gold miner
[Jon Harris]

Toronto Umpires brush aside pitch for expansion [Jon Harris]

Q&A with Dr. Geoff Edwards, President of the Canadian Cricket Association
Subject: Wisden Almanac 2001

Canadian Cricket Journalism
[Opinion/Errol Townshend]
Re: Canadian Cricket Journalism      [Dori Krinski]
Re: Canadian Cricket Journalism  [Mike McLean]

Brocton Oval, Vancouver [Jon Harris]

A Heroic Performance By Tejinder Dayal - BCMCL Premier Division Championship Playoff Game - Richmond Vs Ismaili - September 7, 2002
[Ben Seebaran]

Richmond defeats North Shore in BCMCL Final
[Iain Dixon/Report]

Weekes gone, future uncertain
[Ron Fanfair/Share]

Meet The Future [Ummar Babbary]

A tribute to the life of a club cricketer -
Dick Richards, Ajax Cricket Club

[Jon Harris]

Canadian cricket hits rock bottom
[Errol Townshend/Share]

He who Watches the Watchers
[Colin Mohammed]

Toronto Cricket Academy finish tour of England with 7 wins and 1 loss [Report]


T&T destroy Canada

Trinidad defeats Canada easily at Red Stripe Bowl [Event Coverage]

Gomes Slams Canada U-19 Preparations [News/Barbados Nation]

Canada’s fielding fails Guyana test
[Ron Fainfair/Share]

Bajans whip Canadians after nudge [News/Barbados Nation]

Canada defeats Rest of the Windwards with 1 wicket to spare [Event Info]

The Detractors' Perspective of a sullied day watching Canada win the match at the Maple Leaf Cricket Club [Jon Harris]

Ontario defeats Quebec in Montreal to win Atholstan Trophy [Event Info]

Late call motivated me: Harris
Canadians survive cricket academy
WICB official gives update
{Ron Fainfair/Share]

The Event at King City [Colin Mohammed]

The pen is mightier than the sword - but I only have a keyboard
[Jon Harris]