Last matches played at Inverhaugh


We are sad to report that the last cricket matches have been played at the beautiful Inverhaugh cricket ground, near Guelph in Ontario. The privately owned ground has been for sale for some time (and is still on the market, for $1.5 million – including a lovely house and much more). The ground has been operating since 1995, and has a well maintained natural turf wicket. The club and ground was created by Bart Singh, who was also largely responsible for its maintenance (for the full story read this CricInfo article).
The penultimate match was played on 4th August between Bart’s XI and Roy’s XI. The last match was played on 6th August and resulted in a narrow (3 run) win for Inverhaugh against the Stratford Festival.
The ground is below international size, and some distance from Toronto, but one wonders if Cricket Canada, with the assistance of their well-heeled Gt20 partners, might consider purchasing this wonderful facility and keeping cricket going at Inverhaugh. If not, maybe there’s another passionate lover of the game with $1.5 million to spare out there!

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