Threepeat for Maple High School in YRAA Championship

Champions – Maple High School

Maple High School beat Middlefield Collegiate Institute in the final of the York Region Athletic Association’s Varsity Boys Tier 1 Outdoor Cricket Championship to complete a hattrick of titles. Discussions about switching the final to Thursday or Friday took place after a storm that included rain, hail and snow followed soon after the two semi-finals had been completed at McCowan Reservoir, Markham.

But the sun came through, part of the sky turned light blue and clouds reduced and looked fluffy and white then the new balls for the final arrived at the ground and Maple HS struck quite a few runs from 15 overs, although some early catches were missed – possibly missed due to cold – if not frozen – hands. Maple HS scored somewhere along the lines of 171 from 15 overs then restricted Middlefield CI to 78 or so.

A detailed scorecard for this game is not available at this time but details should follow in due course. The wind did not seem to take many timeouts during the course of play and favoured a north-west to south-east flow despite some changes in cloud formations.

York Region Athletic Association (YRAA) Varsity Boys Cricket Champions

2005-2006 Alexander MacKenzie High School
2006-2007 Alexander MacKenzie High School
2007-2008 Alexander MacKenzie High School
2008-2009 Maple High School
2009-2010 Middlefield Collegiate Institute
2010-2011 Maple High School
2011-2012 Bur Oak Secondary School
2012-2013 Bur Oak Secondary School
2013-2014 Pierre Eliott Trudeau High School
2014-2015 Bur Oak Secondary School
2015-2016 Pierre Eliott Trudeau High School
2016-2017 Maple High School
2017-2018 Maple High School
2018-2019 Maple High School

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