Cricket Canada announces Global T20 trials

From the Cricket Canada web site:-
“Cricket Canada wishes to announce that GT20 (Global T20) Canada will be conducting a series of scouting trials over the next few weeks to shortlist a group of eighteen (18) players for annual full time contracts.”
Full release

The trials appear to be by invitation – it will be challenging to do much more than fitness testing, based on the timing in January. We understand that 29 players from Ontario, 6 from Alberta and 2 from BC are included, with an unspecified number from other provinces.

Cricket Canada has also announced it intends to launch its “Sports Management Portal” in 2019. This will “be a central portal capturing the relevant player details, statistics and scores for all Cricket matches, being played at National and Provincial levels.
While this will be one point data bank for all the Cricket that is being played in Canada, plan is to also have all the provincial, club and league matches registered, thus managing country wide player statistics and performances.”

This appears to be an ambitious exercise, setting a Cricket Canada internal product against well established global systems such as CricHQ and CricClubs. Its success will depend on the degree of buy-in from cricket administration at all levels in the country.

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