Brantford club wins title

Brian Smiley for the Sudbury Star
“The Brantford Cricket Club may be the only sports organization in the city to win a major championship in 2020.

Brantford scored a 64-run victory over Niagara in the Hamilton and District Cricket League’s 40-Over Premier Division final last week at Rotary Centennial Waterworks Park,

“Right now, we’re in the spotlight,” said club president Jason Chahal, a driving force behind resurrecting the sport in the city.

“Everyone comes to Brantford and says they’re playing a great team. The league is really looking at us, the way we’re organized. Five or six years ago, Brantford wasn’t even on the map.”

The sport in the city dates back to the 1800s and, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, a cricket club played at Cockshutt Park. But the team eventually went dormant until Chahal arrived on the scene.”
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