Reaction to Canada’s poor start at WCL Division 2

Today is a rest day in Namibia, and Canada has much to ponder, losing their first two games. Although a top four place is still possible, a minimum of two wins in the final three matches against PNG, USA and Namibia is required. Not unexpectedly, Canada’s poor start has provoked a strong reaction on social media, ranging from the encouraging to the scathing. A selection of Facebook and Twitter comments are provided below (in most cases the names are omitted, but they can be found on the original sources).
Long time Canadian reporter Faraz Sarwat commented on Twitter:-
“I’m not sure I understand @canadiancricket team selection. Are Saad Zafar and Hiral Patel playing the #WCL2 as batsmen or bowlers? Of a possible 20 overs today, Zafar and Patel bowled a combined 6 overs. Then Patel batted at no.7 and Zafar at no.8. Davy Jacobs needs to bat in the top 5 for @canadiancricket which could help to balance a side with too many all-rounders.”

Others chimed in with advice and discussion of team tactics..
“Playing X1 did not make sense.
-played with six openers and expecting them to score runs in the middle order when they struggled to score at their originals spots with an average of less than 30.
-no genuine middle order to take control of the game while chasing such a total.
– played with two genuine spinners- Saad and Dutta- and out of that Saad got to bowl only 4 overs before he got injured. Do we have a replacement for the left arm spinner in the squad. How come we travelled and playing with only one genuine left arm spinner?
– Bowled 16 overs with batting allrounders and they were expected to take wickets? Not happening!
– What was the role of Hiral Patel- got to bat lower down the order where he batted with the strike rate of 42 while chasing and got to bowl only 2 overs? Clearly wasted his spot in the playing X1.
– Any lessons learned applied from game 1?

Obviously the selection process, selectors and the governing body come under fire in these situations… Some Facebook comments:-

  • This is an absolute shame. Cricket Canada needs a complete redo of its set up and individuals. New faces are needed. Not too long ago, we used to feature in the World Cup and here we are, struggling to even survive at a Level 2 tournament. Ranjit Saini we would love to get a comment from you on this one. Selfies aside, it’s time to get serious about cricket in Canada.
  • I guess thats what happens when you take provincial team and not national team. A fine example of politics in sports. Its so hard to believe that a small cricket playing nation like Canada has dirty politics like this. What a shame. Other associate teams showing improvement and going up and Canada is going down the drain.
  • Can Cricket Canada let us know who is in Selection Committee and criteria or policy that Committee followed to select this squad ?? ( A fair question- the selectors are not identified on the CC web site).
  • Why Hamza Tariq was not selected ? Jacob should resign as a captain. Coach and selectors should be sacked or resign if they have any moral values.
  • As expected @Cricket Canada you really need to bring Rizwan Cheema in the squad if you really want to compete!!
  • We lost this game because Dutta did not get support from fellow spinners in taking wickets. We must realize that playing 50 overs format is not just about bowling economical, we must take wickets to contain and to build pressure against oppositions. Unless we have wicket takers in our squad, scoring less than 250 is a piece of cake to chase. Batting order will only get extra pressure on them of putting heavier target than just that.

The Facebook comments of the CC president prior to the tournament were highly optimistic
“It is my firm belief that Canada will qualify …. our glory days will return…
What I don’t know is as to how I will handle myself … I will probably have tears of joy and immense satisfaction….
I just can’t wait for this to happen….”

And we can but hope the team can turn this around- and to provide balance, social media has also been highly supportive.

  • Keep going every day is new day all the best for rest of games
  • Canada for sure has got talent… it’s only a matter of making right and fair choices. All the best Davy! we still have a chance.
  • Tough luck Team Canada. I’ve full faith on you. We’re just a win away.

Some on our forum have been finding silver linings in these clouds:-
“I was feeling down about these results but then I thought that Canada can win against Namibia, PNG and the USA. Two wins and it will come down to net run rate for fourth place. Also, it won’t be complete wilderness for the relagatees(?). They’ll play many List A series. Canada will win most of those games.”

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