Board of Control for Cricket in Canada (press release)

The Board of Control for Cricket in Canada (BCCC) (formerly known as Canadian Cricket Federation) announced its name change on October 8th at its National All star game held in Scarborough. The BCCC, with consultation of its members, appointed the following interim Executive Council who have assumed their offices:
Executive Council:
President:                     Ali Abbas Hasanie           
1st Vice President        Gulwant Singh Bajwa       
2nd Vice President       Amjad Javed Bajwa         
3rd Vice President        Aizaz Ahmed                   
Secretary                      Yudhvir Jaswal                
Treasurer                      Wazir Khullar
Seniors Program            Denzel Dixon
Junior  Program              Parveen Sharma
Media and Promotion     Gulshan Kumar Sethi
Women’s Program           Rita Jethi
Special Projects               Marlene Gallyot
Legal Council                   Atul Ahuja (no relation to the former CEO)
Auditors                           Ashish Prabhakar C.A
BCCC is established as a National body under the Canadian Federal Laws with the following objectives:
1. To develop and excel the game of cricket to its highest level in Canada.
2. To facilitate and build cricket facilities in major cricket centers.
3. To organize coaching and training centers across Canada.
4. To establish a National Championship to identify first class cricket players in Canada.
5. To become a leader in hosting national and international cricket tournaments in Canada
6. To equal opportunity to cricketers to represent Canada at the international level.
The BCCC announced it name change at the All Star game held on the October 8th-Oct.10th in Scarborough. The gane was played between Gulshan Sethi XI (main sponsor of the tournament) and Cecil Marshall XI. Cecil Marshall was an old stalwart of Canadian cricket and represented Canada in the 1979 World Cup. Cecil recently passed away. The two squads were lead by former Canadian Nationals Qaiser Ali and Karun Jethi. 

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